How it Works

Play or Organize?

Here you have the opportunity to be a regular casino player. Pick a game and have the chance to win the prize.
Or you can be the casino. Organize games and earn money.
But if you're smart you will do both. Sometimes it is wiser to organize while sometimes it is better to play. The Chance O meter is always here to give you a hint.

Let's start

Organize games

Let's be the casino. Organize a game and invite your players.
You have 2 hours to bring as many players as possible.
13 is your lucky number because from the 13th player you start earning money. From that point all the bet is yours.

Let's start

Play games

There's always an upcoming game where you have the chance to be the winner.
Pick a game, join it and be the Lucky winner!
Don't worry if you miss the prize because with every single game you gain a chance for the Jackpot prizes. Win the daily, weekly or mega jackpots and start to live your dreams.

Let's start